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Back 4 Blood: River of Blood | Cinematics

Developer: Turtle Rock Studios          Publisher: Warner Bros. Games

No strangers to the game, Method once again created high-end cinematics for the Back 4 Blood franchise. In the latest Back 4 Blood expansion, 'River of Blood,' Method's Real-Time group worked closely with Turtlerock Studios from conception to final post-work, providing VFX/CG work in both the intro and outro cinematics for the wildly popular first-person co-op shooter game.

"We're creative partners in this project," says Method Real Time's Executive Creative Director Sam McGlynn. "You could think of us as a creative agency and production company all in one." Method Real-Time worked using Epic Games' Unreal Engine to create incredibly lifelike cinematics, where players act as "cleaners" to battle zombies, save civilians, and attempt to preserve civilization. They built wireframe previsualization versions, enhanced game assets, and created new cinematic-specific virtual environments to direct the motion, capture elements, and finish the short films.

CG Supervisor: 

Michael Ferraro


Marcus McSherry

Sr. Production Coordinator:

Tracey Carpenter

Production Coordinator:

Sharon Shen

Technical Art Supervisor:

Tanner McQueen

Technical Artist:

Derek Brouwer

Environment Artist:

Jeff Scott

Real Time TD:

Warren Wang

Sr. Modeler:

Cemre Esen

Sr. Unreal TD:

Victor Li

Sr. Unreal Artist:

Eugene Flormata

Unreal Generalist:

Adam Butler


Aaron Ross

Jr. Generalist:

Nick Scott


Justin Barcellos

Alexandre Fernandes


Animation Director:

Jason Tavares

Art Director:

Mateus Kurzhals

Executive Producer:

Karina Partington


Fan Yu

Executive Creative Director:

Sam McGlynn

Creative Director:

Sean Horne

Lead Animator:

Anthony Sparapani

Sr. Animator:

Greg Bekken

Technical Animator: 

Sascha Kavangh-Sommerer


Andres Asperin

Robert Yau

Jr. Animator:

Andrew Chranowsky

Ryan French


RJ Draper

Anuj Patil

Asset Lead:

Ali Bordbar