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'The Twilight Zone' | Main Title Sequence

Client: CBS

The intro to Rod Serling’s classic anthology “The Twilight Zone” features some of the most iconic opening imagery in television history. As the series gets a modern-day reboot, Method was enlisted to channel the essence of the original title sequence while creating a piece of content that would resonate with today’s audiences. Method modernized the familiar concept of flying through moments and worlds, intertwining unexpected reveals with recognizable elements such as the celestial backdrop, ominous doorway and large rotating eyeball. The dynamic camera pacing allows viewers to appreciate each moment and visual in the :30 full CG sequence, while preparing for the unsettling narratives to come. 

Creative Director: 
John Likens

Art Director: 
Wesley Ebelhar

John Likens, Wesley Ebelhar

Design and Animation: 
Jason Diaz, Kevin Sanchez, and Andy Paulus

Da Suel Kim

Ehsan Parizi, Jeongyeon Son

David Derwin

Sari Rodrig, Ivan Girard


Executive Producer: 
Adrienne Mitchell

Emily Schaeberle