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US Army | What's Your Warrior? Campaign

Client: US Army          Agency: DDB          Director: Johnny Likens

No matter what you love to do, or what your “thing” is, the Army has a way to give purpose to your passion. Explore more than 200 careers at #WhatsYourWarrior     

Use your skills and intelligence to make a mark on the world. Turn knowledge into tactical success in the Army. Explore more than 200 careers at

If you’re ready to lead, the Army is ready for you. Add purpose to your passion and explore more than 200 careers at

The Army gives you every chance to show you care, and to help others. Explore more than 200 careers at

Live Action Production:
Director: John Likens
Director of Photography: Adam Carboni
Producer: Rich Schwab
Production Supervisor: Jon Simonetta

Method Studios Post Production:

Executive Creative Director: 
Johnny Likens

VFX Supervisor: 
Ivan Guerrero

CG Supervisors: 
Brian Dinoto, Alex Cheparev

Compositing Supervisor: 
Alex Gomez

Frank Fieser, Sam Jorgenson, Jeric Pimentel, Phil Massimino,
Brett Reyenger, Patcharaorn Thavornwatanayon

Flame Artists: 
Mark Popham, Chris Hunt, Larry Merrill

FX Supervisor: 
Tomas Slancik

FX Artists: 
David Derwin, Alejandro Echeverry, Vraja Parra

Doron Dor, Ryan Todd

Senior Lighter: 
Irene Kim

CG Lighters: 
Claire Ya-Wen Chang, Erwin Riau

VFX Artists: 
Caleb Ollivant, Da Suel Kim, Orges Kokoshari, Han Chin Lee,
Mark Yagos,Rick Fronek, Stephen Mann

Tim Ranck, Daniel Patterson, Anderson Ko,
Bradley Morris, Paul Wei, Doug Rappin

Unreal Environmental Artist: 
Mateus Kurzhals

Associate Creative Directors: 
Wesley Ebelhar, Ivan Girard, Felix Soletic

Senior Designer: 
Ihsu Yoon, Keri Moller, Toros Kose

Vinnie Thomas, Craig Stouffer, Alex Iselin

Matte Painters: 
Daniel Bayona, Mark Roland

James Randolph, Keith Morange, Kensuke Okabayashi





Managing Director: 
Jesse Kurnit

Executive Producer: 
Adrienne Mitchell

Senior Producer: 
Emily Schaeberle, James McEvitt

Production Coordinators: 
Jen Fahey, Olivia Vitagliano

Color by Company 3: 
Senior Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Producer: Blake Rice