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DoClasse: "Magical Thermo Coat Dance"

Client: DoClasse          Director/ECD: Jon Noorlander         

DoClasse’s Creative Director Koji Hokari approached Method to create a spot that shows off their magical thermo coat, which is as warm as down without the puff. Director Jon Noorlander Method team brought initial design character style frames to life through motion capture, marvelous designer, Houdini, Cinema 4D and Octane rendering. The CG characters were created by working with choreographer Tricia Miranda and dancers Jessica Castro and Nataly Santiago at Silver Spoon motion capture studio. The live action model was captured on green screen in Tokyo. Method’s FX animators, riggers, compositors and designers brought all of the pieces together with The Elements Music team to create the spots.

DoClasse Creative Director: 

Koji Hokari 

FX Supervisor: 

Tomas Slancik

Flame Artists: 

Jared Pollack, Philana Dias


Executive Producer:

Adrienne Mitchell

VFX Producer:

Emily Schaeberle