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'Deadpool 2' Main Title Sequence + Main-on-Ends

Creative Director: John Likens          Client: 20th Century Fox

For the opening, Method created a dramatic 90-second vignette that sets the stage for the humorously murderous mayhem to come.  In true Deadpool fashion, he breaks the 4th wall and addresses the audience at various points, all the while stepping through scenarios that boast action and sex appeal, set to Celine Dion’s power ballad “Ashes.” Bookending the feature, a smaller design team created the main-on-end titles. The 90-second sequence features a montage of crayon drawings, presumably done by Deadpool, that revisit scenes from the film. In addition to the titles, Method's VFX team created over 300 VFX shots for the feature.

Executive Creative Director:
Jon Noorlander

VFX Supervisor: 
Gong Myung Lee

CG Supervisor: 
Ivan Guerrero


Executive Producers: 
Angela Lupo, Adrienne Mitchell

Sr. Design Producer: 
Emily Schaeberle