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Ivan Girard

Ivan Girard

Art Director

Ivan’s creativity has been a crucial asset for many of the biggest commercials and blockbuster movies of the last decade. Growing up in the vibrant and picturesque city of Paris, he developed a passion for graphic novels, illustration and photography. A graduate of the George Melies school, degreed in fine art and animation, Ivan began his career as a concept designer for feature films. He went on developing his animation skills, working on such projects as the award-winning “Monsters” motion poem, and animated spots for Stash and Zion. Over the years, he brought his talents to companies including BUF in Paris, MPC, Framestore and Cinesite in London before arriving at Method Studios in New York City. You can also see his artistry in “Thor”, “Harry Potter”, “Cloud Atlas”, “Iron Man 3”, “Mad Max: Fury Road” and campaigns for Apple, FX and HBO.


See some of Ivan’s work:


“Monsters” motion poem