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Thor: Ragnarok

Studio: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Pictures          Director: Taika Waititi

Method helped Thor face down death goddess Hela to save Asgardian civilization from obliteration; creating the opening battle between Thor, Surtur and his fire demons in Muspelheim’s underground hellscape, and a major sequence where Hela takes on hundreds of Asgardian Guards. Method also provided concept art, fleshed out Surtur’s writhing and crusted magma flesh, and refined CG characters including the dragon, fire demons and E-Guard soldiers, as well as large-scale environments. Method also handled Thor’s encounter with Grandmaster on Sakaar, enhancing plate photography with, in some cases, a full CG 3D environment, and creating the imaginative CG keyboard, and a digital double for a subject melted into a disintegrating flesh pile.

Production VFX Supervisor: 
Jake Morrisson

Method VFX Supervisors: 
Andrew Hellen and Dan Bethell