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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Studio: Warner Bros.          Director: David Yates

Method returned to the franchise to realize 12 new fully CG fantastic beasts including the Kelpie, Augurey, Leucrocotta, and baby Nifflers; and also handled a complex underwater sequence inside Newt’s magical creature hospital where he tames the unpredictable Kelpie.

“Our creature work on this film was particularly special because these sequences show Newt in his element, doing what he loves most, which is caring for these magical creatures. It was fun to have that in mind as an anchor for our work, and really for the film as a whole,” said Nordin Rahhali, who led Method’s team as VFX Supervisor.

Production VFX Supervisor:
Tim Burke and Christian Manz

Method VFX Supervisor:
Nordin Rahhali