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Client: Marvel Studios          Director: Kate Herron

The exciting series Loki picks up with the title character (Tom Hiddleston) immediately following the final sequence in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) feature film Avengers: Endgame. Method Montreal, led by VFX supervisor Seth Hill. handled VFX work for significant portions of the six-part first season at the Montreal studio headed by Sabrina Gagnon. 

Method Studios created approximately 450 shots under the supervision of Method Montreal. The work includes the opening segment in which Loki falls through a wormhole into the middle of the Gobi Desert, building and compositing set extensions. Method was also integral to designing and creating the TVA (Time Variance Authority) headquarters and the Expanse environment that needs to appear to extend off into infinity. The company also was also responsible for working with the filmmakers in designing the cave like Timekeeper Chamber and the design and character animation of the all-CG Timekeeper characters, among other creative characters and environments that help bring the highly imaginative show to life. 

Production VFX Supervisor: 
Bradley Parker

Method VFX Supervisor: 
Seth Hill