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'Pink Tape' Trailer | Lil Uzi Vert

Client: Lil Uzi Vert         Director: Gibson Hazard        Production Company: House of Hazard

Lil Uzi Vert released the four-and-a-half-minute trailer for their latest album 'Pink Tape,' on Monday, June 26th. The action-packed film features a medley of some of the songs set to feature on the record, with genres spanning from trap to heavy metal. Directed by Gibson Hazard, the film features VFX elements from Method Studios, led by VFX Supervisor Ivan Guerrero.

In the film, we see Lil Uzi Vert attacked by a villain who removes the pink diamond from their forehead. We then follow Lil Uzi Vert as they attempt to reclaim their stolen pink diamond.

To help bring the film to life, Method Studios provided visual effects on the Big Boss battle sequence (2:23 to 4:08). The team also provided motion capture, modeling, Unreal animation, lighting/texture, FX, environment and flame VFX compositing.

One unique aspect of the project was the live-action integration into an Unreal-generated environment. Ivan notes, "Unreal Engine was used for rapid prototyping of shots, and for creating a digital double of Lil Uzi using MetaHumans. We also used the Xsens full body motion capture suit, which is renowned in the VFX community as arguably one of the best markerless suits around, to capture additional performances that we couldn’t get during the director’s session with his stunt performers. Animations were processed with motion builder and loaded into the engine. This allowed us to quickly generate new animations and experiment with new shot setups.”

Lil Uzi Vert's highly anticipated third full-length studio album, Pink Tape, was released on June 30th.

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Liam Akiva

VFX Producers:

Kyle Fader

Fan Yu

Jen Doyle

Sr. Unreal Generalist:

Ernest Flormata

Unreal Generalist:

Adam Butler

Junior Generalist:

Nick Scott

Flame Lead:

Chih Cheng Peng


Managing Director:

Jesse Kurnit

VFX Executive Producers:

Bennett Lieber

Karina Partington

VFX Supervisor:

Ivan Guerrero

CG Supervisors:

Michael Ferraro

Christina Faraj

Animation Director:

Anthony Sparapani

Realtime Technical Director:

Warren Wang

Full Credits