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Mastercard | Wakanda Is Everywhere

Agency: McCann         Director: Child          Production Company: De La Revolucion

Method Studios was honored to partner with McCann on the new "Wakanda is Everywhere" spot for Mastercard's campaign for the Marvel blockbuster sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. This spot was extra special for the team to be a part of as the message spotlighted Black women-owned businesses.

The spot opens with the hero girl perusing Comma Bookstore in Flint, Michigan when she is presented with a bead bracelet by the real-life shop owner, Egypt Otis. These beads are the authentic Kimoyo beads from the Black Panther franchise, and when ignited with the power of Vibranium, they give you special Wakanda powers. Through our hero girl's imagination and interaction with Egypt, the magic reveals itself all around her. Showing that real-life superheroes are the ones you meet in your day-to-day life.

Method Studios' team worked with McCann creatives to design and animate the CG holographic visuals used throughout the spot. Method's 2D and 3D artists and designers were involved from conception to delivery. They handled look-dev work for the holographic transformation of the Kimoyo beads to the body armor, forcefield, and all the other fantasy elements.

Creative Director / VFX On-Set Supervisor:

Cris Blyth

VFX Supervisor:

Ivan Guerrero

Associate VFX Supervisor:

Alex Cheparev

Data Wrangler:

David Sudd

Flame Lead:

Christopher Hunt

Associate Creative Director:

Ivan Girard

CG Supervisor:

Brian Dinoto

FX Supervisor:

Tomas Slancik

VFX Assist:

Thomas Karras

Senior FX Artist:

Scott Hubbard


David Derwin

Compositing Supervisor:

Beaucard-Gerard Andal, Kyle-Christian Andal

Senior Compositor:

Frank Fieser

Flame Artist:

David Forcada

Nuke Compositor:

Rodolfo Pereia


Chris Fitzgerald, Andrew Hess, Andrew Paulus, Kevin Sanchez

Managing Director:

Jesse Kurnit

Executive Producer:

Hayley Wallach

Senior Producer:

Anna Butler