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Mastercard | Shop, share & support Black women-owned businesses

Agency: McCann NY        Director: Child         Production Company: Little Minx

We recently collaborated with McCann New York and on this new Mastercard spot featuring Jennifer Hudson to promote their new “Strivers Initiative,” a consumer-facing platform supporting Black female business owners.


Creative Director / Flame Artist:

Warren Paleos

Director of VFX / VFX Supervisor:

Gong Myung Lee

Sr. CG Supervisor / Modeler:

Aleksey Cheparev

Sr. FX Supervisor:

Tomas Slancik

On Set VFX Supervisor:

Tom Leckie

Flame Lead:

Brandon Danowski

Flame Artists:

Margolit Steiner, Chris Hunt, Tamir Sapir, Hyonuk Yu, Sean Wilson, and Carmen Maxcy

LookDev / Texturer / Lighter:

Claire Yawen Chang


Da Kim

FX Animator:

Jeongyeon Son

Executive Producer:

Jesse Kurnit


Janine Conway

Production Coordinator:

Kyle Fader