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GMC HUMMER EV Pickup | Reporting for Call of Duty

Agency: Leo Burnett          Director: Joseph Kosinski          Production Company: Reset

“Reporting for Call of Duty” from agency Leo Burnett and director Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) highlights the exciting integration of the revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV into Activision’s action-packed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II game. The spot, which highlights the rugged attributes of the ultra-quiet rechargeable vehicle, makes use of Modern Warfare’s gameplay situations to illustrate the HUMMER EV’s ability to employ stealth and power even under those types of extreme situations. The kinetic imagery clearly demonstrates the HUMMER EV’s attributes, including its size -- it’s large enough to fit your team – and extreme quiet.

Method’s eclectic group of artists contributed to matte painting and CG work to help combine Call of Duty’s compelling aesthetic with a demonstration of the exciting new vehicle's strengths under the most intense conditions. 


ECD/VFX Supervisor:

Ryan Tudhope

CD/VFX Supervisor:

Rob Walker

Senior Flame Artist:

Chicheng Peng

Jr. Flame Artist:

Patrice Langue

CG Modeler:

Mark Yagos

CG Supervisor:

Christina Faraj

FX Artist:

Jason Simmons


Anderson Ko

CG Lighter:

Keith McMenamy, Christina Kuong

Compositing Supervisor:

Kyle Andal

Nuke Compositor:

Sohee Sohn

VFX Assist:

Sabrina Chan


Kevin Sanchez

On-Set Data Wrangler:

Mauricio Hoyos

DMP Artist:

Celeste Caliri


Managing Director:

Jesse Kurnit

Executive Producer:

Bennett Lieber

Senior Producer:

Chris Decker