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Agency: RPA Advertising         Director: Will Speck & Josh Gordon        Production Company: Furlined, a CoStar Group brand, recently launched its new multichannel marketing campaign from RPA, featuring VFX + CG from Method Studios. Directed by Speck + Gordon, the campaign comprises three films and brings back Jeff Goldblum as Brad Bellflower, a tech entrepreneur dedicated to making the place to find a home.

 The film marks's most significant shift to streaming video and social media to reach renters based on their evolving media consumption habits. The Method Studios VFX + CG teams, led by Ben Walsh, with CG team by Pouyan Havid, brought to life the films 'Title,' 'Incalculable' and 'Reflections’.

 Speaking on the 'Reflections' film, Ben Walsh, Executive Creative Director comments, "The hardest part was the planning as some mirrors were true reflections and some were meant to come alive and have a different performance to the Real Jeff. On the scout, we blocked the mirror layout (with the Directors and DOP) and decided to shoot in a black environment with as many real mirrors as possible to maximize real reflections. We then shot alt passes of Jeff on green screen to use as our reflections that come to life."

 Alongside the 'Reflections' film, Ben also commented on his fun creating the 'Title' spot; he notes, "Title was fun creating the holograms, especially since most of them were hybrids like the centaur and gladiator. We had to shoot as separate passes and comp Jeff's head onto the bodies before running it through a 2d holographic treatment which included refracting light beams and floating dust particles."

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Executive Creative Director:

Benjamin Walsh

CG Supervisor:

Pouyan Havid

Lead Flame:

Ian Holland

DMP Lead Artist:

Christopher Sanchez

AE Design Lead Artist:

Andrew Hess

Nuke Compositors:

Wing Kwok, Ristra Farajwaty


Matt Dale

Exeuctive Producer:

Chelsea Kammeyer


Laura Duncan


Gerry Hsu


Juan Colon


Isai Calderon

LookDev & Lighting:

Alfredo Barcia

Flame Artist:

Cecile F. Tecson


Kyle Martin