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Robin Hood VR

Client: Lionsgate and Qualcomm          Method EXP Real-Time Supervisor: Matthias Wittmann

To break new ground in bringing digital human characters to mobile VR platforms, Lionsgate and Qualcomm collaborated with content partner Method EXP; together creating a VR experience that visualizes the world of upcoming feature film “Robin Hood,” while making full use of the 6DoF capabilities of the Qualcomm VR headset. In creating the Robin Hood character for the experience, Method EXP artists merged facial performance capture data of the film’s star Taron Egerton with full body capture of a body double to serve as the basis for animation of a digital version of Egerton, and leveraged the headset’s 6DoF tracking for natural and intuitive interaction with the virtual character as the user moves through the environment. With a creative and technical talent pool experienced across blockbuster VFX and VR/AR platforms, Method EXP drew on its team’s expertise in creating high-end CG humans and real-time animation workflows needed to deliver a compelling experience.   

Matthias Wittmann, Real-Time Supervisor at Method EXP, said, “The tracking in the Qualcomm VR headset is more robust and flexible than anything we’ve seen on a VR mobile platform yet. It freed our artists to create an experience that not only looks natural and realistic, but also adjusts to a user’s position and movements in real time, which feels more fluid and lifelike and deepens the immersion.”


Robin Hood VR Behind The Scenes Video