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Dreamscape Immersive: “Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl”

Client: Dreamscape Immersive

Dreamscape Immersive recently launched its Westfield Century City operation with the brand new location-based VR experience “Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl.” Method EXP helped to design and create the 10-minute immersive experience, where participants step through the fabled Haptioscope projector from American inventor Clarissa Lavan, and into the world of cinema. On the other side, participants become the heroes in an action-adventure film, on an epic quest to recover the eponymous lost pearl from a dangerous temple. Teams of up to six can move through the free-roaming VR experience at once, with props and other haptic effects built in for enhanced immersion.

Method EXP worked closely with Dreamscape Immersive to flesh out the general story beats and interactions, adding depth and detail to ultimately bring the experience to life. Participants move through the experience wearing headsets, a backpack, and hand and feet markers for precise tracking. The Method EXP team crafted the CG visuals with lighting and color saturation to honor a film noir palette while retaining a near photoreal quality. Working within Unity, the Method EXP team developed custom shaders, lighting tools, and other toolsets to be easily integrated within Dreamscape’s proprietary system.

“This was a really fun project because Dreamscape is constantly evolving their technology and pushing the envelope, so we got to do a lot of custom development,” explained Ryan McDonald, producer at Method EXP. “Something that wasn’t technically possible one day would suddenly be good to go the next day, so we were always on our toes and refining the experience. It was very exciting to be working at the bleeding edge of narrative VR and creating new possibilities for users.”

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