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Tom Wild

Tom Wild

VP Global Production Operations

Tom creates the systems that enable Method to produce great work, efficiently, across our global operation. The 20-year production veteran designed and managed an integrated system that connects production, finance, recruiting, operations, and sales; implementing first it across our Melbourne and Sydney facilities in his former role as National Head of Production, Iloura, and now extending it across all of Method’s worldwide studios. Throughout his career, the Australian native has held VFX Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager/Supervisor, VFX Pipeline Consultant, and VFX Coordinator roles at Rising Sun Pictures, Warner Bros., The Hive, Ezekiel Films, Ambience Entertainment, Animation Works and other studios and companies. His credits include the VFX Academy® Award-nominated “Mad Max: Fury Road,” VFX Emmy® Award-winning “Game of Thrones,” “Ted” & “Ted 2,” “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Charlotte’s Web.”