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Olivier Dumont

Olivier Dumont

Visual Effects Supervisor

With dozens of Visual Effects Supervisor credits including the VFX Oscar-nominated “Doctor Strange” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Olivier is an experienced and effective leader and a brilliantly talented compositor and concept artist. He has worked with directors Christopher Nolan, James Gunn, Terence Malick and the Wachowskis, among others. He began his career in France studying multimedia and photography and taught himself how to build 3D environments while working on CG short films, before joining BUF in 1997.


Olivier worked production-side for Twentieth Century Fox as overall VFX Supervisor on its upcoming "X-Men: The New Mutants." He has been at Method since 2008, and has led Method teams as VFX Supervisor on features including “The Tree of Life,” “Cloud Atlas,” Insurgent,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” See Full Credits