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Cloud Atlas

Studio: Warner Bros.          Directors: Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski, Tom Tykwer

Adapted from David Mitchell’s novel, this complex tale features six loosely connected storylines in a three-hour epic, with Method serving as main VFX vendor. Much of Method’s work was focused on the stories surrounding the characters of Sonmi, a clone living in dystopian Korea, and Zachry, a tribesman living in post-apocalyptic Earth. Artists created full CG establishing shots, destroyed city scenes, dynamic fight and escape sequences, the safe-house interior and exterior, the ‘Orison’ hologram device, various CG vehicles and digital facial makeup. Method also worked on the ‘Kirby Dot gun,’ which was styled on artist Jack Kirby’s technique for illustrating explosions and energy. Method also created the main titles as well as motion graphics elements used throughout the feature, such as heads-up displays.

Production VFX Supervisor: 
Dan Glass (Method)

Co-production VFX Supervisor: 
Stehane Ceretti (Method)

Method VFX Supervisor: 
Matt Dessero, Stephane Naze