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Love, Death & Robots – "Ice Age"

Client: Netflix          Creator: Tim Miller  

Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots animated anthology series from Tim Miller and David Fincher is a NSFW collection of 18 shorts, spanning multiple genres. Miller’s passion project was several years in the making, and he approached Method Studios as a creative partner for his directorial episode, Ice Age, in which a young couple discovers a rapidly evolving civilization in their freezer – complete with a T-Rex and hominid ape people created by Method.

Method VFX Supervisor Aidan Fraser was on set in Salt Lake City for a modest, highly collaborative five-day live action shoot. Once editorial locked, artists began modeling the T-Rex and hominids, with Jack Kim supervising the creature creation. Animation Supervisor Kevin Lan hand animated the T-Rex, while motion capture data provided the foundation for the hominids’ movements. The background of the intricately detailed dirty, vegetable-strewn freezer environment was inspired by a mythical swamp and supervised by Seth Cobb.

VFX Supervisor:

Aidan Fraser