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Game of Thrones: Season 7 – “The Spoils of War”

Studio: HBO         Director: Matt Shakman

Daenerys and her Dothraki horde engaged the Lannister army in a fiery fray brought to life with help from Iloura. Iloura artists relied on their crowd pipeline and in-house tools built to handle enormous datasets for the previous season’s Emmy-Award-winning “Battle of the Bastards” sequence. They drew on that expertise to augment film elements or, in some cases, create full CG shots, including some with thousands of soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. Artists also created extensive set extensions as well as CG smoke and fire, and seamlessly composited sequences with assets from multiple vendors.

Production VFX Supervisor: 
Joe Bauer

Production VFX Producer: 
Steve Kullback

Iloura VFX Supervisor: 
Glenn Melenhorst

Iloura VFX Supervisor: 
Josh Simmonds

Iloura VFX Producer: 
Ineke Majoor