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CG Supervisor



The CG Supervisor will ensure the throughput of shots to completion via client approval, and maintain a functioning environment where the artists and client can focus on performance without technical hindrance.

  • working in conjunction with the VFX Supervisor, Producer, and Production Manager to develop a strong and flexible CG pipeline
  • working with the Project Coordinator and Producer to facilitate the scheduling of artists and resources
  • working with the VFX Supervisors to provide artistic and technical notes to the team
  • developing, maintaining, and/or approving 3D techniques
  • providing team-building by developing structure
  • leading artists, while delegating roles and responsibilities
  • following CG elements from concept through to final comp, overseeing all elements created by the CG team
  • conducting industry research and development
  • designing, executing, and managing high-level CG for use in final compositing through a team, reporting progress to the VFX Supervisor
  • may also be called upon to work "on the box" as the lead artist as show size and needs require

Visual Targets and Quality

  • addresses the body of work arriving from scanning. Previews for initial color-correction requirements and initial shot composite requirements
  • monitors shot continuity in all aspects of quality control, including final color-correction for timely delivery

Team Training

  • ensures leads are fluent with production techniques
  • defines crew training plans with leads
  • oversees training of new team members
  • conducts one-on-one training with team members

Team Guidance

  • facilitates production needs of every team member
  • guides and mentors team members
  • maintains team morale


  • tests new techniques and technology as necessary
  • helps leads and crew develop "one-off" techniques as necessary

Scheduling and Daily Work

  • makes shot deliveries with Producer and Coordinator
  • monitors resources, throughout each day, and delegates work priorities based on fluctuations in schedule and shot progress
  • oversees the management of the resource workload
  • monitors the render queue and reviews previous night logs for deviance on a daily basis
  • reviews progress of shots for film-out on a daily basis, and approves shots as ready for film-out when the criteria are met
  • performs as a Senior Compositor, completing shots towards final and troubleshooting shot related issues
  • assisting with notes and archives if necessary

Software Knowledge

  • should have good working knowledge utilizing Maya, VRay, Houdini, and Mantra in a Linux environment
  • working knowledge of Massive, Mari, and Syntheyes a plus