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Tech Anim Lead



The Technical Animation Lead is responsible for the smooth running of the technical animation (cloth, fur, hair) pipeline for a project, working closely with the Rigging, Technical Animation, and CG Supervisors. This will require maintaining existing technology, integrating third-party technology, and designing and implementing all-new, proprietary technology. This is a broad role which encompasses many departments and disciplines, including but not limited to: modeling, texturing, rigging, creature FX, (including at least fur, cloth, soft-body deformations), and animation.  

  • Lead team of technical animators to complete projects on time and on budget
  • Work with Model department to ensure geometry being simulated meets Technical Animation needs
  • Work with Rigging and Animation departments to ensure geometry or rigs delivered to Technical Animation meets needs
  • Working with Production, assign technical animation tasks to appropriate artists
  • Apply and simulate clothing, hair or other areas requiring technical animation.
  • Analyze and fix any initial problems found and resimulate as needed.
  • Ensure that geometry delivered to production pipeline meets each department’s needs
  • Develop techniques to ensure the requested animated geometry will integrate into a photorealistic environment.
  • Respond quickly to notes from the VFX/DFX or CG Supervisor(s) before or during dailies to ensure best possible quality is maintained.
  • Research, develop, implement or adapt existing technical animation solution that best fits the show needs with the available resource.
  • Prevent problems by communicating early with stakeholders and coming up with solutions that are both efficient and technically sound.
  • Initiate and maintain clear communication with Department Lead / Supervisor regarding project status and potential issues that might arise.
  • Other duties as appropriate to the role and determined by supervisors.
  • 5+ years experience.
  • Good working knowledge in a production environment with Maya.
  • Self-sufficient and can manage both his / her own time and needs of the team in order to meet project deadlines.
  • Houdini knowledge a plus.