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FedEx | Delivering For Earth

Agency: BBDO NY        Director: Noam Murro        Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

We joined forces with Director Noam Murro and BBDO on the latest FedEx spot, 'Delivering For Earth'. The company is investing in more electric vehicles, reusable packaging, and carbon capture technology to be carbon neutral by 2040.

VFX Supervisor:

Doug Luka

CG Supervisor:

Brian Di Noto

Lead Flame:

Mario Caserta

CG Modeler:

Han-Chin Lee

CG Texturers:

da suel Kim, Ivan Joy

CG Rigger:

Rick Fronek


Executive Producers:

Jesse Kurnit

Sr. VFX Producer:

Bennett Lieber

CG Animator:

Goran Ognjanovic

CG Lighters:

Claire Yawen Chance, Irene Kim-Shiska, Bernard Ceguerra


Margolit Steiner, Daniel Raschko, Hyonuk Yu, Christopher Hunt, Tamir Sapir, Joey Deady, Brandon Danowski, Mark Woit

Flame Assists:

Olivia Stil, Sabrina Chan