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Game of War ‘Who I Am’

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Thanks to the success of the recent ad campaign for the Machine Zone app 'Game of War' - model Kate Upton makes it to the Super Bowl, flanked by plenty of VFX by Method Studios. Our task was to compliment and enhance the beautifully dark mood created in camera by director Nathan Price, and bring to life the fiery battle, giant CG knight and medieval environment.

A wide scope of VFX work kept the Method team busy in the run up to delivery before the big game. We produced CG fireballs, smoke, embers and sparks and many soldier digital doubles. The environment work included matte paintings and CG building destruction as well as a full CG time-lapse shot with projected matte paintings and CG trees at the end of the commercial.

VFX Supervisor Benjamin Walsh notes, "The entire commercial was shot at 48 fps and we had to make sure our VFX integrated seamlessly into the elegant shots of the slow motion destruction surrounding Kate. With the majority of the commercial set at night, we made a conscious decision to use fire as our hero lighting source whenever possible, to create silhouettes of the battle mayhem within the scene."

One of the biggest challenges for the Method team was creating the wide shot of the empire transitioning over hundreds of years within a three second time-lapse shot. "After discussing with the director we all agreed the best starting point was to shoot time-lapse photography so the base would have real world lighting" says Ben. "Using the photography we did some tests to determine how many hero matte painting variations we would need to represent hundreds of years passing. Brian Burke, our CG lead, blocked out some rough geometry and created a camera move to start the creative review process. In the end, a combination of animated 2D textures and a vast amount of matte painted structures enhanced the transitions between the hero matte paintings. All the elements were projected in Nuke resulting in a shot traveling though centuries of destruction and regrowth though a variety of seasons and conditions."


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