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GE ‘What would happen?’

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Following on from the hugely successful 'Childlike Imagination' ad (nominated for the Best Commercial Emmy Award), comes the latest spot for GE titled 'What Would Happen?'

Put together by the same creative crew, namely BBDO, MJZ and director Dante Ariola, the commercial brings to life fantastical interpretations of GE technology. Method Studios was asked to create a variety of VFX for the spot, and once again, the post production timeline was tight.

The creative brief called for CG modelling, animation, FX simulation, matte painting, compositing, rig removal and clean up. It was important that the effects appeared as photo-real representations and the texture artists and lighters focused on providing as much detail as possible. The FX department along with the compositing team ensured that the huge dust plumes, optical camera effects and gravity defying rivers of trash blended perfectly with the filmed footage.

In all, Method's artists in LA and NY had around 10 days to complete their work. Compositing Supervisor Dominik Bauch comments, "Our proactive approach meant that whatever could be done in advance, was done in advance. That enabled us to cope with an evolving cut and creative brief and deliver a spot in record time that does justice to Dante's vision. We are extremely proud of the result."


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