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FX Network ‘Tyrant’

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These teasers for the new FX drama series 'Tyrant' are blowing up a storm! From the producers of the hugely successful Homeland and writers of Lost, Tyrant airs summer 2014 and is based around the Middle East.

Tyrant 'Fist' begins with the lead actor picking up handful of sand and letting it blow away. As it flows from his hand the camera pulls back revealing the vastness of the desert that surrounds him. The Method VFX crew were tasked with painting out the crew from the expanded view and the hundreds of camel tracks that littered the top of ever dune. The camera move was retimed and stabilized to remove any bumps and the sand in the hero's hand was enhanced so that it never stopped flowing.

The second teaser titled 'Sand Storm' features a fully CG wall of sand that envelopes the city. The clouds needed to start in the distance and slowly take over the city and the animators used reference footage of storms to make the effect look as realistic as possible. The entire hill including the town was modeled for the fx simulation and a great deal of attention was paid to the way the sand interacted with buildings to help sell the scale and movement towards camera. VFX Supervisor Jason Schugardt comments, "Just before delivery, FX asked if we could have the storm completely envelop camera with enough time for the titles to appear from the storm itself.  It was a cool addition that I think definitely makes the spot."


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