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Logitech ‘Truce’

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This beautifully crafted spot for Logitech, directed by Paul Hunter of Pretty Bird, is a moving homage to a famous war story – when on Christmas Eve; a spontaneous ceasefire between the soldiers brought a brief peace to no-man’s-land.  Method’s aim was to add depth and beauty to the spot. Starting with great looking footage, the artists sought to enhance the textural backdrop to complement the narrative. Historical accuracy was important and the NY team spent time researching the details – even creating the correct moon phase as it was on the night.

One particular challenge was the timeline as there was only two weeks of post production to complete the two minute long spot. From CG snow flurries, sky replacement, set extension, matte paintings and explosions - almost every shot was touched in some way. The resulting commercial stands out for its cinematic style and touching storyline.

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