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This Means War

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This Means War was released right around Valentine’s Day but is not your typical romantic tale and is instead an action packed spy caper, where two CIA operatives wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.

Method Studios produced a total of 220 VFX shots for the feature as the primary visual effects vendor and the scope of the work primarily consisted of CG set extensions, complex compositing and FX.

“The biggest challenge of this project”, explains VFX Producer Andy Foster, “was trying to marry together elements from footage that were often shot in completely different locations and lighting conditions - all within a very tight schedule.  For example, the end freeway sequence contains plates of footage shot in Vancouver, stunt rolling SUV plates shot in a parking lot in Long Beach, and freeway background plates shot on location in Los Angeles. This called for a great deal of comp love in massaging the elements together.”

In addition to compositing plates, the VFX team added in CG dust and debris and enhanced the backgrounds with set extensions and clean up.  The opening sequence was a particularly substantial shot and a combination 3D and 2.5D buildings were built and tracked into production provided aerial city footage.  

Another VFX heavy scene is the fully 3D final closing sequence in which Method artists included a Chinook helicopter flying over a CG ocean. Certainly not your usual fairy tale ending to a love story, but a great brief for a visual effects company.


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