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The premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 couldn’t come quick enough for the thousands of Twilight fans around the globe. Method Studios completed 62 visual effects shots for Summit Entertainment’s latest installment of the saga, that were overseen by VFX Supervisor Bruce Woloshyn in Vancouver. The visual effects work ranged from set extension, to prop and lighting enhancements, as well as rain, breath, reflection and rig removal.

Much of the effects work was very detailed orientated in its nature and one such example includes the taming of the uncontrollable weather. A great deal of the film was shot as location exteriors so changing conditions would occur throughout the filming. The rain removal was accomplished by a variety of techniques and often included keying a frame blended version of the scene into the blacks and then hand painting out all of the remaining drops. Time consuming, yet effective.

In terms of breath removal, Woloshyn explains “The problem with removing things from plate photography . . . is that there is nothing there to fill the hole. When something needs to be removed from a shot, it actually needs to be covered. And, as simple as “remove the breath from the shot” sounds, it is actually quite an involved process. Especially when the breath is over a speaking actor.” A combination of planar tracks, clean patches and warping using Nuke and Mocha saved the day…along with Method’s skillful team of artists of course.

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