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The Ides of March

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This film, directed by and starring George Clooney, was Oscar nominated for Best Screenplay and captures the fast paced world of a political campaign. Method Studios was tasked with inserting footage into numerous computer and television screens throughout the film. VFX Supervisor Tom Smith was on hand to advise that what was captured in camera would assist the Method team in creating the invisible effects.

“It’s always useful for a director to be able to choose shots for screen insets in post in order to sync up the footage precisely with the action” Smith comments. "Sometimes the realistic effects can be the most delicate," continues VFX producer Michele Vallillo. "In a movie where the audience expects to see a lot of effects, that's one thing, but on a film like Ides of March, if something looks even slightly off or different from the environment, it will catch the viewer's eye."


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