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"The Community” is an 8 km wide plateau, where the people of The Giver live.  Out of the 280 VFX shots that Method worked on, the majority centered on the creation of futuristic, fully-CG environments, designed to promote the values of sameness and conformity with lots of intended perfect symmetry, lush gardens and aesthetically pleasing spaces.  The center of the world is the Odeon, a stadium-like structure used as a meeting place for the citizens of the community.  Around the plateau is a blanket of mist that blocks the view of anything beyond, or “elsewhere” - an integral theme in the movie, used to denote death and loss.

“The Edge” of the community is where The Giver (played by Jeff Bridges) lives, in a house built into the cliff with views looking out into the mist.  His character represents secret knowledge, control and also truth and hope.  He lives very much apart from the rest of the community and the design of his home and the land around it were styled to convey this separation.

“The Drone” was initially planned as a set piece that would be filmed practically, but it became a major digital prop in the movie used to help push the story along, and also provided a dramatic ending to the film.  Method worked with production drawings of the drone, but developed the look of the spaceship to emphasize its darker and sinister characteristics.

“The Waterfall” was filmed in Augrabies National Park in South Africa, where the crew shot many plates around the gigantic waterfall.  Method had several shots that had to be created digitally, because the camera crew couldn’t get certain angles, and also because the story required shots to be redesigned in post.  These sequences were done entirely as CG simulations using Houdini. 

Method also created several shots with up close digi-doubles, and many shots with thousands of wandering crowds in the community using Massive.


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  • Compositing
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