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Adidas ‘Sport Needs You’

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‘Sport Needs You,’ the first punchy effort of Adidas’ new ad campaign that premiered during the 2016 NFL season opener, showcases creative athletes in their element, highlighting their unique talents. With the spot captured largely in-camera, Method was brought in to provide digital sleight of hand, amplifying the free flowing camera moves and energetic edit with invisible VFX that let the athletes shine. For the soccer scene, which was shot on a nondescript rugby field, Method was tasked with creating the Manchester United stadium ‘Old Trafford’ in CG. This was accomplished by photographing the stadium, taking care to match the original camera angles and lenses. Artists then used a combination of matte paintings, 2D elements and CG flags and banners to depict a raucous crowd cheering from the stands. Additional Method work includes the smoothing out of camera movements, 2D image ghosting and distortion effects.


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