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This ad for Soda Stream focuses on the eco friendly aspect of the amount of cans and bottles you can save every year by adding your own fizz at home and "setting the bubbles free".  Daniel Benmayor from Anonymous Content conveyed this message by connecting the cause and effect of every day soda stream users to pre-packaged fizzy drink bottles disappearing somewhere else in the world.  

The VFX team at Method led by Jason Schugardt concentrated on making the bottles disappear and releasing clouds of effervescent bubbles into the air.  The practical effects crew built a pneumatic balloon puncture rig on set which popped balloons filled with water on cue.  The balloons were filled with food coloring that corresponded to the soda type and filled to a size that matched the proportions of the real bottles.  

Method composited CG bottles over the balloons and digitally painted away any excess balloon remnants. As the pneumatic pistons punctured the balloons, footage of the exploding colored water was carefully blended over the CG bottles.  A layer of CG fizzy goodness was added to the composite to drive home the bubbly message.  All of the CG bottles were match-moved and lit with HDRI photography, and then meticulously compared to the live action reference of bottles shot on location until they achieved unquestionable photorealism.


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