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FX Network ‘Simpson's kitchen sink’

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Here is a glimpse of what would happen if every episode of the Simpsons was made available for a back to back TV marathon. FX Network predict the end of the world as we know it and show townsfolk oblivious to the decay and mayhem around them as they become utterly absorbed with endless episodes of the classic cartoon series.

All the plates were shot at the Universals Studios lot and Warner Brothers Ranch which enabled the film crew to place large amounts of trash and rubble around the set. This included everything from tumble weeds to a burnt out car - but for fires, smoke and building decay, Method Studios stepped in. The Los Angeles effects artists, led by supervisor Patrick Ferguson, matte painted the buildings to age them and generated a full scale city back drop for the overhead shot including a wrought iron billboard. CG fires and smoke were added along with flickering TV lights from within the windows.

Patrick comments, "One of the key tasks was to put together multiple plates shot with a motion control set up. For the lawn mower scene for example, we composited takes which included extra water pouring from the window, extra smoke, interactive light passes for the guy in the garage as well as clean passes, reflection passes and extra debris passes. This enabled us to fine tune the elements within the shot to get just the right balance."


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