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Motorola ‘Scorpion’

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This stylish looking commercial directed by Mark Romanek promotes the latest Motorola smart phone and how it’s intuitive interface makes the phone feel part of you as soon as you pick it up. The project was a coordinated effort between Method’s VFX team in LA and Method Design who concentrated on mapping the graphic images on to human hands.

The creative brief specified that the graphics should be a projection on the hand, which meant creating the feeling of luminous light from a phone screen and seeing the images distorted as they wrapped around the contours of the hand.  The graphics had to be readable, but always feel real, as if part of the natural environments that were captured in camera, and not feel like they were painted onto the hands.

Mapping the images onto hands involved a combination of 3D and 2D tracking techniques and the approach varied across hand performances: each projection required a unique approach to create a realistic composite.  The elements that were provided by the client were animated to realistically mimic the phone's interface and any interaction with the talent.

The hands were all shot in extreme close up and VFX Supervisor, Jason Schugardt notes “The plate photography was meticulously shaped by Mark's vision so we were very sensitive to affect the plate as little as possible to uphold the elegance he strived to capture in frame”.

Company 3 colorist Dave Hussey rounded off the commercial beautifully with a delicate grade that compliments Method's VFX work.


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