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This 2014 remake of the original 80’s classic follows the same familiar storyline. In the not too distant future, a good cop, critically injured in the line of duty, is saved by advanced surgery that sees him resurrected as a robot. Technically owned by the life saving OmniCorp group who pioneered the advanced medical procedure, Alex Murphy re-enters the world as the first part-android police officer. Thanks to the evolution of visual effects over the past 30 years, this film delivers a host of action packed scenes laced with futuristic visuals.


One of the main sequences Method worked on involved the creation of an advanced television studio set on which actor Samuel L Jackson debates the unveiling of Robocop with live video links and graphics. Our Method Design team produced the virtual holographic news stage, floating holograms and interactive control panels. They also delivered user interface graphics for the medical support and military coordination systems. Along with animating the graphics, the artists crafted the way the actors moved amongst the holograms and influenced the displays with their gestures.


In another sequence Method generated a 3D Robocop and internal components to show Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnanman) being reassembled. These shots occur in an environment that required digital matte paintings and re-projection to extend the scene filmed on set. Complex rigging and extra modeling was added to the supplied asset in order to accommodate the extra detail and close-up view of Robocop’s internal workings. The animation of the intricate components had to be photo-real in rendering and compositing and the team spent time adding extra texture maps in order to achieve the necessary realism. Attention to detail was also required during lookdev in order to match the onset reference of Robocop's suit so that the digital and real life suits looked one and the same.


Another demanding sequence involved a long transition shot from a dream sequence of a night time barbeque party in Alex Murphy’s backyard to reveal he is Robocop in a brightly lit and sterile lab. VFX Supervisor Nordin Rahhali notes. “The transition shot had its own variables and challenges for Method. One was trying to figure out how to best stitch together two very different plates where the only similarity was the camera doing a circular dolly move around the main actor. Once the team was able to blend the shots into a seamless move, they were able to focus in on transitional elements and effects to help bridge the gap between one plate and the other.  Through a lot of effects work and compositing, Method’s team was able to slowly refine and come up with a beautiful and surreal transition for Robocop's reveal.”


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