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DirecTV ‘Questions’

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Combining the comic genius of John Cleese with legendary director Tom Kuntz was an inspired decision by DTV’s agency of choice, Grey NY and production company MJZ. This commercial gets better with every viewing as you discover more and more detail within the 23 rapidly changing scenes in which Cleese poses the questions ‘When?’, ‘Why?’ and What?’.

As expected, the variety of VFX work for Method was as diverse as the storyline. Split screens, car augmentation, TV screen comps, a CG ping pong ball and matte paintings of a hedge maze and snowy mountains all graced our ‘to do’ list.

One of the most challenging shots involved a CG shark in a huge tank. Since it was not practical to physically build a fish tank big enough to hold a shark, a small shelf was built about 5" from the top of an empty tank which was filled with a thin layer of water for some practical water integration. Method artists added the 3D shark and water and used the real splashes and overflow of the practical water to create the most realistic result possible.

Method VFX Supervisor, Jay Hawkins notes “Every shot was a VFX shot with a fairly tight schedule. Tom always stays involved in our process which is perfect for working quickly and solving challenges along the way. I know this spot is going to be a big hit - it’s hugely entertaining”.

Conveniently working alongside each other in our NYC facility, Method's team coordinated with Tom Poole from Company 3 who delivered the final grade.

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