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Calvin Klein ‘Provocations’

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A magnum opus of fashion artistry, 'Provocations', directed by Fabien Baron of agency Baron & Baron, is an explosive visual exploration in to the intriguing and incredible world of Calvin Klein. A monumental 10 minute film, featuring Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood, and Suvi Koponen, pieced together through a series of striking vignettes, each a unique portrait the brings the fashion prowess of Calvin Klein to life.

This ambitious project involved an intense amount of beauty and clothing retouch as well as composite work; completed by a variety of talents in various platforms, primarily Flame and Nuke, under the supervision of the Beauty Division’s Senior VFX Artist, Tom McCullough. The project required a vigorous collaboration between director, editor, and the VFX team to achieve all of the goals set down for the final product.

The utilization of Method Studios’ many pipeline and workflow options was key in providing the maximum flexibility to the creative team behind the film throughout the VFX and finishing process. The end result is a stimulating fashion masterpiece reflecting the talents, technical skills, and vision of the Method Beauty and Finishing division.


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