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Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

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Aardman Animations worked with Method Studios in London on this swash-buckling stop-motion adventure. The 200 shots were focused on stereoscopic compositing and paint work along with character facial clean up to remove the mouth cut lines of the models.

The most complex sequences involved greenscreens, where the hero characters were animated separately from the background. One example involved the queen running towards camera flailing a sword which caused the greenscreen reflection to catch the light differently in each frame. Every still needed a slightly different set up and a great attention to detail.

Another unusual requirement for this project involved updating Method's stereoscopic compositing workflow in order to use Aardman's propriety stop-frame animation tools. The nature of stop-frame animation multiplied the usual complexities of working on full stereo shots, but the team were able to turn around the sequences very quickly. Everyone in the London was enthusiastic to be working with Aardman who are much revered for their traditional film making techniques.

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