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The new spot for GE from BBDO, MJZ and Director Dante Ariola, is all about actualizing the very latest technology GE have at their fingertips. As opposed to the award-winning 'Childlike Imagination' commercial, where our narrator was a young girl, here our storyteller is an actual engineer working directly with the technology. This gave Dante and the Method team the ability to work with a less whimsical and more realistic style for the visuals. 

VFX were shared between our LA and NY studios. VFX Supervisor in NY, Jay Hawkins comments, "This spot was extremely fun in that it let us bring out our full bag of tricks and utilize the depth in our team of artists. The big challenge was conveying the technology in interesting ways and get the concepts across in a very compressed time. We spent a lot of time working out our techniques and looks for each of these effects sequences to tell the story quickly but still with a level of sophistication and elegance that never feels rushed."

One particularly challenging sequence featured a train showcasing 'cold spray technology,' where a fine spray of metallic particles are ejected at extremely high speeds to repair and build objects. Given the length of the sequence, the biggest task was to show that the engineer was spraying the train into existence, rather than just washing it. The artists opted for a metallic train to highlight the raw steel material and chose to show the train at various stages of completion to help convey the idea. Working with a hybrid CG team of Maya and Houdini, the crew was able to tackle each sequence with exactly the right tools. 


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