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Norton ‘Newphoria’

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Everyone loves buying a shiny new piece of technology. ‘Newphoria’ cleverly sums up how the majority of us forget to protect our new toys from the evil of hackers as we become distracted by the wonders of having a new play thing at our fingertips.

Method Studios stepped in to help bring a man’s oblivious journey of near misses to life culminating in the most outrageous close call possible – a tanker crashing through a building and into a street. Luckily these types of scenarios are few and far between!

The main challenge for the VFX artists was to try and capture the scale, weight and speed of a gigantic ship and the collateral damage of the crash in only a few short seconds. Since reference material for this type of event does not exist, the team experimented with speed and action and managed to deliver a result that looked believable despite being completely surreal.

In addition to the epic tanker shot, the crew also created the CG saw blade, added CG dust and debris to a number of shots and also provided matte painting set extensions for several scenes.


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