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New Year's Eve

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This popular ensemble comedy culminates in Times Square as massive crowds await the famous dropping of the ball on New Year's Eve. The production shot on location at Times Square but much earlier in the year, when the city was not covered in festive holiday decoration, and they worked with a very scaled down "mob" of revelers.

"We enhanced a lot of crowd scenes," says VFX supervisor Gregory Liegey, who is based out of the LA Los Angeles offices. "We used some live-action crowd plates and some cloning tools and built some 3D crowd extensions to help fill the entire area."

Meanwhile, Method Studios in New York made use of its shared pipeline to contribute to the project and handled the compositing of all the moving backgrounds outside the RV that one group of characters uses to travel to New York. "It was mostly a 2D and '2 ½ D' job," Liegey says. "The majority of the work was done in Nuke. With New Year's Eve, we definitely forged some new territory on this job in terms of our connectivity between LA and New York."


  • Crowd simulation
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