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Milk PEP ‘Milk Life Anthem’

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This kick off ad from the Milk Processor Education Program is the first in a series of spots that make use of the new tagline 'Milk Life' which will replace the famous 'Got Milk?' campaign. Instead of a simple milk mustache, the new commercial is filled with eye-catching visual effects created by Method's artists in New York.


Throughout the spot the characters are seemingly assisted by energetic shapes of milk emanating from around them. Some of the shapes form certain objects while others simply indicate a direction of movement.

"Lowe Campbell Ewald NY and the director Geordie Stephens from Tool of North America came to us with reference artwork of the famous pinup girls in milk dresses  by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewiz" comments Alvin Cruz, VFX Supervisor on the project. "Creating shapes with the right energy while making the milk look realistic and appealing was very important and we did many tests and a full previs of each sequence to get the animation looking perfect."

Dan Seddon, Creative Director and FX expert continues, "This show was a great fit for our team, utilizing our strengths in FX and rendering. As the CG elements needed to represent high speed footage of milk, we referenced a lot of slow-mo live action shots for our R&D. The team developed many techniques for recreating the surface tension and other physical phenomena we saw. Interestingly, the live action elements often appeared so abstract they looked unreal due to the lack of motion blur. It was an extremely delicate process to get something so extraordinary to look realistic especially when the real footage looked so strange!"


Once the animation was established, it was the task of the lighters and the compositors to tie everything together. On set HDRi images were collected to aid accuracy and the compositors pushed 2D techniques in every shot to help believability. The finishing color grade was completed by Tom Poole at Company 3 - a collaborative effort by Method and CO3 who share the same studio in NY.

Alvin summarises, "A tight working relationship with the agency from day one led to a successful project in every aspect, and we are delighted to see the milk interact with the talent in such a playful manner."


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