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Men In Black 3

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After a ten year hiatus, the MIB are back on the big screen. This third installment, eagerly anticipated by movie-goers, sees Agent J (Will Smith) saving the young Agent K (Josh Brolin), the Agency, and humanity itself.

Method Design was brought on board to help with the stereoscopic titles at the opening and end of the film. Since director Barry Sonnenfeld wanted to maintain the same title design as seen in the first two films, the Method artists were tasked with re-working artwork, originally created by renowned artist Pablo Ferro, to work in stereoscopic depth.

Method’s lead creative on the project, Michael Sausa, worked closely with Ferro, the Studio and Method’s sister company, EFilm (who helped with compositing the opening presentation cards), to ensure the 3D debut of the artwork was a success.

In addition to the titles, Method Studios produced a total of 260 VFX shots for the feature. The most complex sequence involved the creation of a ‘rip in time and space’ that then swallows Agent K as if he doesn’t exist.  VFX Supervisor, Greg Oehler used his imagination to present a variety of ideas to the director and in working back and forth with Sonnenfeld was able to bring the concept to life.


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