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Man on a Ledge

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Method Studios was thrilled to be brought on board to oversee all of the visual effects shots for Man On A Ledge. Visual effects supervisor, Richard Kidd, and visual effects producer, Arnon Manor, joined the production at the onset of principal photography and worked closely with the filmmakers in both New York and Los Angeles. Meanwhile, our Vancouver facility supplied digital support during photography and worked to complete 224 shots, the majority of the visual effects handed to Method as the primary vendor. It was Method Vancouver’s visual effects supervisor, Bruce Woloshyn, that focused on creating the illusion that the roof of the actual Manhattan location, was only narrow ledge on the side of a much taller Roosevelt Hotel.

Although Method’s visual effects in the film cover everything from a train crash to a helicopter flight, the mainstay of Method’s visual effects assignment for Man On A Ledge is three story extension to the top of the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan. This particular work was even more challenging, as the digital set extension would have to compliment both the exterior set created on the soundstage, as well as be under full frame scrutiny atop the actual midtown landmark. Utilizing the original plans to the hotel, as well as a traditional location survey and a detailed LiDAR scan, Method’s cg set extension was created in Maya and rendered in Mental Ray.

“Both the architectural and technical design of the cg Roosevelt extension were specifically created with the flexibility to tweak individual surfaces and textures during compositing in Nuke”, says Woloshyn. “ This gave us the ability to really dial them into matching both the location plates shot on the actual Roosevelt , as well as the main sound stage set. All of this was critical to keep our work invisible and maintain a visual consistency across the multiple filming locations.”

In addition to the hotel set extension work, Method also created elements that included panoramic views of midtown Manhattan, digital money falling, and an elaborate set extension for an elevator shaft.

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