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Budweiser ‘Malt Story’

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Budweiser ‘Malt Story’ is a perfect example of how Method’s Chicago team partners with our sister companies Beast and Company 3 from production through to post, to turn out a great looking work. Method’s Creative Director Gil Baron directed the commercial which gives the viewer a uniquely detailed and cinematic experience of the brewing process.

Gil spent time discussing the tiniest details with the agency Anomaly - from the type of malt used for the beer, to the reaction of the malt when it’s heated. Since the plan was to tell the "magical" story of the brewing process using detailed macro photography, every single shot on the spot had a special treatment. As such, the use of a variety of cameras (alexa, 5d, phantom, c300, go pro) was essential to achieve the distinctiveness of the film.

The 20 VFX shots ranged from simple clean up and beauty work, to more complex compositing for set extensions, combining different takes of fire and adding heat haze and embers.

The Method team also spent time crafting the transition from the malt into the bubbles and into the final product shot. Lead Flame Artist Bruno Fukumothi comments, “One of my favorite shots was setting the look of the reflection on the eye. I’ve always been a big fan of the Blade Runner opening sequence so I used that as a reference for my final comp.”

Working with Beast (editorial) and Company 3 (color), the agency benefited from the creative and technical efficiencies afforded by all three companies working in the same location. The demanding schedule of the two week turnaround meant that concept work and planning ahead of the shoot was of the utmost importance.

"It was a true group effort for everyone involved" says Gil. "We edited detailed boards into a living animatic cut ahead of shooting which was constantly evolving up to shoot day, colored plates within hours of shooting them and were able to use up to the minute effects to keep our cuts current. All of this was made possible by being under the same roof. We couldn't have asked for better partners across the board from the team at Anomaly Toronto, the Budweiser clients, the production crews here in Chicago and the team here at Beast, Method and Company 3. It was a daunting schedule made possible only by the tightest of teamwork."


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