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Capital One ‘LAST REQUEST’

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Agency DDB Chicago and production company Tool teamed up with Method to create two great looking ads for Capital One. Starring Alec Baldwin, the amusing spots demonstrate the new mobile app from the credit card company, which intrigues the bad guys just long enough for Alec to make an escape.

"Working with Erich on this Capital One project was a joy,” says Flame artist Bruno Fukumothi. “The majority of the VFX work was done on the ‘Last Request’ spot, which takes place in a high rise building at night. The brief was to make the location Tokyo-like, and several images we came across during the research phase were combined together in Flame to create the exterior environment.”

Atmospheric elements like smoke, fog and blinking lights were added to make the scene look believable. In addition, screen comps, rig rmoval and clean up were required throughout the two spots.


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