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LOUIS VUITTON ‘L'Invitation Au Voyage’

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This stunning project for French fashion house Louis Vuitton involved completing a two minute cinema piece in addition to 60, 30, 10 and 6 second cutdowns - all at 4k from RED camera originated footage. Most of the 90 shots involved some degree of visual effects work which was completed by the Finishing crew in LA. From extensive clean up and rig removal, beauty retouching, speed changes, sky replacements and full composites - we were able to tap into the specialties and talents of our team.

This was a truly collaborative project and over 15 artists across four Deluxe owned divisions worked on the spot – Method Studios, Company 3, Encore and Deluxe New York.

Thanks to the links between our sister companies, we were able to move the 4k data easily between facilities around the country and seamlessly share setups between systems and artists in all locations. Despite the amount of deliverables, the crew was able to complete the project within the tight two week schedule.


  • Beauty
  • Finishing
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