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DirecTV ‘KIDS’

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As the nursery rhyme goes, when you have too many children and don’t know what to do – get DirecTV. Or at least something like that! ‘Kids’, directed by Noam Murro, depicts what life is like living with 20 plus children, in a shoe, when trying to find some peace and quiet to watch a movie.

Method Studios were tasked with providing green screen and iPad screen comps and the matte painting needed for the final shot  - this is where the punch line, that all the interior action has actually taken place within a ‘shoe house’, is revealed. 

An eight foot shoe was constructed by the production team and filmed practically. This was then combined with the background plate and the shoe matt painting that Method created in line with pre-approved concept art. VFX Supervisor, Ben Walsh, worked with the creative team in producing something which looked realistic and yet had a fairy tale like quality.


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